Sash Window Restoration

To maintain the character of original sash windows, sash window restoration should always be your first choice, with replacement only being the last resort. Despite what many owners believe, restoration by an expert craftsman is often all it takes to eliminate typical sash window problems and restore the window to its original glory. Best if all, sash window restoration is usually more cost-effective than replacement and avoids having to lose a wonderful window and its original glazing.

An experienced sash window restorer can solve these problems:-

  • Top and bottom sashes painted shut
  • Broken Sash cords
  • Decayed timber members
  • Incorrectly balanced sashes
  • Broken pulley wheels
  • Strengthening of  Sash joints
  • Broken panes of glass

What's more, while carrying out sash window restoration it is the perfect opportunity for expert restorers to discreetly and effectively update your windows with the latest draught proofing and security and all without spoiling the window's appearance.

What parts of a sash window are most likely to need restoration?

Experience shows that certain parts of a box sash window are most likely to deteriorate through neglect or exposure to the weather. Have you noticed opened joints around your sash windows, missing putty, peeling paints and gaps under the window sills of your sash windows? Any of these can indicate problems with the following main parts of your sash windows:

  • Window sills
  • Lower sections of pulley stiles
  • Bottom rails
  • Lower sections of outer linings
  • Sash stiles
  • Top meeting rail

When sash window restoration and sash window draught proofing is complete, you'll enjoy a quieter and more environmentally friendly home, as well as peace of mind from knowing you've protected your windows against the elements. Because original box sashes (as opposed to modern replacements) are part of the London architectural heritage, you'll also be protecting the value and character of your home for the future.

What does a typical sash window restoration include?

  • Professional survey of the damaged window
  • Any structural repairs required before restoration
  • Removal of decayed timber
  • Protection of remaining timber with a proprietary preservative
  • Reconstruction of damaged areas with epoxy resin and new timber

Considering sash window restoration in London?

Here are some of the important things to consider when planning sash window restoration:
  • The value of keeping your original box sash windows
  • The importance of re-using the original glass
  • The quality of the original seasoned timber
  • The craftsmanship of the original joinery
  • How wear and tear has matured the window into the property over time
  • The extent of any deterioration
  • The possibility of restoration to maintain the windows original character

The most Common sash window repairs we do are:

  • Repair or replacement of window sills
  • Repairs to outer linings and pulley stiles
  • Repair or replacement of bottom rail
  • Repair or replacement of the glazing bar

With box sash window restoration often being a viable alternative to a new window, replacement should only be considered if the boxes or sashes have deteriorated beyond economical repair.

Where to look for deterioration

The best time to restore a sash window is when gaps start to appear in the joints of the window's timber members, putty is falling out or paint is peeling. By employing a professional sash window restorer to carry out sash window repairs to a box sash window at this stage (using advanced epoxy resin systems), you can successfully prevent water ingress and further deterioration and avoid the need for more costly major repairs (or even full replacement) in the future. Here are some of the places to look for the appearance of gaps and deterioration:

  • On the shoulders of the mortise and tenon joints to the top and bottom rails
  • Bridle joints to the top and bottom meeting rails
  • Wood decay in the window sill
  • The lower sections of the box frame

If you see any sign of deterioration, or if you believe decay is present, you should contact a reliable sash window restoration specialist. As one of the leading sash window restoration specialists in London, we can help you. Contact us for advice and a free sash window restoration estimate