Sash Window Repairs

For wooden sash windows, effective, long-lasting sash repair relies on traditional craftsmanship and the use of the most suitable modern materials such as advanced epoxy-resin based systems. Used appropriately, and providing deterioration of your sash window hasn't progressed beyond repair, this combination can revitalise and transform even the most tired, neglected sliding sash window.

Proven epoxy resin sash repair systems

At Sash Window Draught Proofing, years of experience with sash window repairs in the London area has demonstrated the quality of products from Repair Care International (formerly Window Care Systems Ltd). Based on many years of using their products, we are proud to endorse this range of professional products that we use for box sash window repair.

Reassurance that your sash window repair is in the safest hands

For our customers across London, these products give further reassurance that their sash window repair is in the safest hands and that the work we do will last well into the future.

Tested elastic technology that's perfect for sash window renovation

At the heart of Repair Care International's proposition is the idea that only products based on elastic technology can adapt to movements in the underlying substrate. From this basis, and work undertaken with the aerospace industry, Repair Care International developed its innovative elastic sealing system for joining, sealing and repairing wood, a system that has been tested and fully approved by leading research institutes across Europe.

Repair Care International products are renowned for their versatility and quality among local authorities, housing associations and the private sector.

The benefits for our sash repair customers

For sash window repairs, this system offers several reassuring benefits:

•    Tough and durable for long life peace of mind
•    Allows in situ repair - great for repairing fixed sashes without removal
•    Allows repair without removing glass panes (saves time and avoids inconvenience)
•    Cost-effective - sash repair is almost always better than replacement

All our craftsmen have been trained to use these systems to their fullest potential during sash window restoration projects.

Why replace sashes when we can cost-effectively repair them for you? If you think one of your sash windows needs to be repaired, call us  for your FREE survey and no-obligation sash repair quotation.