Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash Window Draught Proofing specialise in the repair and draught-proofing of sliding box sash windows, while carrying out our works we always maintain the traditional style and character of your sash windows.

Are unique sash window draught proofing system is machined into the staff beads, parting beads and top and bottom sashes. We machine a brush pile carrier into the beads and sashes which allow us to use the correct sized weather-fin brush pile for each individual window.

Below is a brief insight into are sash window draught proofing procedure:-

•    Top and bottom sash are removed and staff and parting beads are discarded.
•    Repairs are made to both Sashes and box frame.
•    Any bare timber is given 1no coat of dulux wood primer.
•    Counter balanced Weights our removed and pulley wheels our serviced.
•    Sashes our checked for alignment and adjust accordingly.
•    Sashes are machined and fitting of the brush pile carrier and brush pile.
•    Fitting of new heavy duty traditional waxed sash cords.
•    Top sash is re-fitted and is checked for alignment and smooth movement.
•    2 part parting bead is fitted which includes the correctly sized brush pile.
•    Bottom sash is fitted and also checked for alignment and smooth movement.
•    New staff beads are now fitted which also has our brush pile discreetly fitted.
•    Staff beads and parting beads are sealed with mastic, and pin holes to staff beads our filled.
•    If needed new sash window furniture is now fitted.