What are the benefits of Sash Window Draught Proofing?
  • Eliminates draughts, rattles and wobbles.
  • Increases energy efficiency within the home.
  • Outside noise levels are reduced.
  • Reduced levels of dust ingress. 
  • Smooth opening of top and bottom sashes.

My sash windows don't open are they meant to?

Normally both top and bottom sashes of a sash windows should open, sometimes they may be painted shut or the pulley wheels may have been removed, as long as there is a cavity to house the weights there should be no reason why the sash should not be able to open. There are a small percentage of sash windows i.e. Venetian sash windows that have been designed for only the centre pair of sashes move.

How long does it take to draught proof a average sized window.

On average one carpenter can overhaul and draught proofing between one and two windows per day if there are no repairs needed.

How much disruption and dust will there be?

Whilst your box sash windows are being overhauled and draught proofed there is a small amount of disruption, but we take ever effort in making sure this kept to a minimum. All furniture and flooring is cover in plastic and dust sheets and at the end of each day the room is vacuumed and the room is left clean and tidy.

Will you need scaffolding to carryout you work?

Sash windows are dismantled from the inside of a property so there is generally never a need for scaffolding, generally speaking most refurbishment can be done from inside the building. We will advise you if scaffolding is required.